Regarding Last Night’s Tragedy…

We come to work with heavy hearts today, and last night’s senseless acts will undoubtedly touch each of us at here at the “Pawn Stars” family. So far it appears our staff and their families are OK, the Pawn Shop is open and downtown Las Vegas is business as usual, as far as appearances go. However all of us are still taking in the full magnitude of last night’s events and there is a very real sense of apprehension each time the phone rings or a new social media post comes through.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who were at the concert last night and especially the victims, their families and friends. To allay the immediate needs of our community, I have offered the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop staff paid time off for anyone wishing to donate blood and I urge everyone who is able in Southern Nevada to participate.

These things should not happen in our country and I want to encourage everyone in our Las Vegas hometown and all over the USA to do all they can to help those impacted and our leaders to do what they can to prevent future incidents like these.

-Rick Harrison

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  1. J C
    J C says:

    We here in the UK share the shock and grief felt by you all. Too many times people out enjoying themselves have been caught in a act of senseless violence both in the UK and US. We stand together in another time of sadness.

  2. Mark Adams
    Mark Adams says:

    Mr. Harrison, you are a genuinely decent human being for allowing your staff to have paid time off to donate blood. Our thought s are with everyone affected from here in England.

  3. Ramón Adolfo
    Ramón Adolfo says:

    Totally heart broken. Our thoughts and prayers are not only with those who suffer a loss last night, but all affected emotionally and psychologically, it affected all of us who believe that all men can live in harmony just by respecting one another.

  4. Dean White
    Dean White says:

    Shock at what unfolded there in Vegas, no doubt survivors will suddenly realize they hit the jackpot by not leaving Vegas rich, but alive. Had to check here to make sure no one I knew had been involved as the people on your show and American Restoration are about the only people I know from Las Vegas. Your show has a lot of characters who sus-out the goods so I hope they’re all right as well. As for your show, my wife and I love it! We use the catch-up TV feature to watch the weeks worth in 1 hit and make a night of the reality tv shows. Your old man is a legend IMO, a real character.

    Might have to buy something online for her from your shop for Christmas, maybe something you (ie Chumlee) paid big $$$ for but was a $1 fake.

  5. Camacho François
    Camacho François says:

    I speak for all French people. We are very Sad from France to know what happended in the concert at Las Vegas . We give you back all the support who givent to us when tragedies have been in France to you. All my support for the victims , families and friends .

  6. Caillou David
    Caillou David says:

    Hello everyone!! We are French and we live in normandy near the beaches of the landing of 1944, we are very touched by this barbarism. We admire your beautiful country and come regularly to the USA. We will always be in solidarity with you, for you have come to liberate us. We watch you on television with a lot of pleasures, continue it is great! And may God bless America! David of France!

  7. Garry Blyth
    Garry Blyth says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to everybody affected by this sensless evil act. Thinking of the people of Las Vegas at this time.

    Garry B, Canberra Australia

    LUIS IZAR says:

    Un fuerte abrazo a todos los familiares de las victimas y un gran abrazo a todos los estadounidenses de buen corazón desde España, tambien especialmente a ti Rick, por tu generosidad con los demas y por tú aportación cultural de la historia de america y de otras cosas, a traves de tú programa. Saludos.

  9. Peter
    Peter says:

    As time passes its hared to understand his motivation. People should be able to attend a concert. Rick I agree, our leaders need to do more to prevent something like this from happening again.

    We should all pray for the victims families, and hope the injured can recover quickly. Prayers for Las Vegas.

    -Peter from Vermont

  10. Teifion(TY) Greenhaf
    Teifion(TY) Greenhaf says:

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