Things You Might Not Know About The Pawn Shop! The Watch Case

Something most folks might not know, unless they’ve visited the shop, is that we have a very wide selection of men’s and women’s watches.  We have a variety of watches ranging from Rolex to Bvlgari, to Patek Philippe, to Breitling.  Metals range from gold, silver, and stainless steel.  Most of our watches are sold in shop, but if you see something you like in the case on the show you can always give us a call to work out a phone or eBay sale!


Meet The Experts: Mark Hall-Patton – Historical Artifacts Expert

Mark Hall-Patton  is the Administrator of three museums in the Clark County Museum System in Las Vegas.  Mark is known to fans of the show as the Historical Artifacts Expert.  Rick and the guys give mark a call whenever someone brings in a rare and usually hard to identify item.  He is different from most other experts on the show because he never gives prices for items he is asked about.  He claims that, that is not the job of the museum.

Mark grew up in Southern California, and it was said that he first became interested in history from a great uncle that had been in World War 1, that often told him stories.  Mark built his first museum when he was 8 years old on his patio with items he would pick up around the house and then drag his siblings and friends through the displays and give them tours.

He is married to Dr. Colleen Hall‐Patton, a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at UNLV, and they have two children.

For more information visit the links below.

Clark County Museums Webpage

Clark County Museums on Facebook

Things You Might Not Know About The Pawn Shop! Fan Mail!

Ever wonder what happens to all the fan mail that the Pawn Stars Get?  Here is a picture of some of the fan mail that the guys have received over the years.  Obviously this isn’t all of it, they get a ton of fan mail every week, but some that guys find really special make it onto the Fan Mail Board in the hallway.  Can you find yours?


Remember to send your Fan of the Week pictures to to get your picture featured on the website!  You can send pictures wearing a chumlee shirt, playing a card game with our Deck Of Cards,  or even you and your buddies all dressed up like the Pawn Stars!  Have fun!