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Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Donates to Toy Drive 98.5 KLUC

Las Vegas local and Pawn Stars Celebrity Rick Harrison stops by the KLUC Toy Drive to surprise Chet with a $4500 check to beat Pawn Stars co-star Chumlee’s $500 donation!

Rick also reveals to Chet inside details about Pawn Stars upcoming season, and how the TV show could beat “Gunsmoke” for the Guinness World Record for the most TV episodes EVER!!!

Hear Chet, Spence & Kayla’s exclusive interview with Rick Harrison Below!

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INQUISITR – What’s it Really Like to Be on Pawn Stars?

What is it really like to be on Pawn Stars? Abraham Lincoln enthusiast and collector, Jerry Beverland and his wife Wanda, had the memorable experience of going to the pawn shop, as well as meeting and bartering with the History Channel star and owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Rick Harrison. Did Beverland sell any valuable pieces from his collection? How did he get on the show? Did they get to meet Chumlee? What surprised the couple most? Most of all, is Pawn Stars real?

Beverland told the Tampa Bay Times that the adventure began with he sent an email from to the producers of the popular show. The collector had some treasured pieces attached to President Lincoln, including a chair owned by Lincoln when he was in the White House and a Volk life mask.

“I just told them about my Lincoln chair and how it was one of 14 chairs I had owned over the years and how the molds came from an original life mask created by Volk.”

Recently, the Inquisitr reported that filming is starting soon and offered fans information on how to submit items to sell on Pawn Stars. Just like the article recommends, Beverland had gathered a lot of information about the history of his items that he brought to the show including a letter from the White House and several photographs, including a photo of Lincoln sitting in a similar chair. That particular photo was shown on the episode that has already aired. In addition, he provided statements from appraiser association. These critical items are needed to help determine the authenticity of his valuables to give him a better chance of a successful sale.

These particular items in Beverland’s collection are exactly what the show seeks: something historical and with paperwork that places the object in an interesting historical setting. This makes for interesting television. Pawn Stars executive producer Simon Thomas spoke to the paper about items that the show wants.

“We look for an item that is not something you see every day, and (the Beverlands) had fantastic items. So if someone has a chair that could have belonged to Lincoln, that is definitely of interest to us, but the better you can provide paper work that links the sale or links back to the original (owner), in this case Abraham Lincoln, then that’s even more fantastic.”


As seen in the already aired episode “No Pawn For You,” Beverland met Rick Harrison and presented his chair. Harrison joked that it was just a chair, but the seller countered with his photo and information that this was a chair used by Lincoln. This caught the attention of history buff Harrison.

“It’s one of the most famous chairs you’ll ever see. Abraham Lincoln sat in it while he was in the White House.”

Beverland offered to sell the item for $2,000, and Rick had to call in his expert, Mark Hall-Patton, to make sure that this was indeed an authentic Abraham Lincoln chair. The expert took a great deal of time examining all of the information that Beverland had assembled before he determined that he could not be 100 percent sure that this was used by Lincoln in the White House.

“The time period is right but it’s not enough for me to say these are ones used in the White House.”

Beverland was actually relieved that the expert did not authenticate his item. This meant that Harrison would not offer for the chair.

“I know darn well that my items are authentic. I was relieved. I had made an offer of $2,000 for each item, and right after I told them the offer I said to myself, ‘Oh no, what have I done?’ So I’m glad I didn’t have to sell them.”

Wanda had the most fascinating experience as she sat in the cat bird’s seat. First, she was shocked at how small the shop was. She later learned that the room that they filmed was smaller and is not where shoppers of the pawn shop visit. Instead, the room that filmed in is built specifically for the show Pawn Stars.

“When we first got there, I was surprised by the size of the pawn shop. It looked so small. I thought, ‘You got to be kidding me,’ but we learned that there were two rooms. One is for customers and one is for filming.”

The most unexpected delight? Mark Hall-Patton. “The Beard of Knowledge,” as Rick likes to call him, spoke with Wanda a great deal and she found that he was exceptionally intelligent.

“He is one smart man.”

As for the Lincoln mold, that episode will not air until early 2017. Although Beverland did not reveal this transaction, he did say that he did not make a sale with this object either. This indicates that collectors with more than one item could end up in more than one episode. This makes perfect sense as there are collectors that have several pieces that would be interesting for the show and making a single trip to the pawn shop is more ideal, as this couple was from Florida.


There was no indication if the Beverlands met anyone besides Rick Harrison, nor did they reveal any more info on their encounter with him. The two-day film shoot seemed like a lot of fun for the couple. To actually be on the show and sell something is certainly the highlight of any Vegas vacation, and the Beverlands certainly experienced something they will never forget. Best of all, they got a huge surprise: a complimentary evening at the D Casino Hotel. While not gamblers, the couple enjoyed the “fancy hotel,” especially the good dinner and breakfast the next morning.

Unfortunately, the Beverlands visited the pawn shop before Pokemon GO was released. Anyone who now goes on the show or just visits the adjacent shop now has another added incentive for visiting. Chumlee recently tweeted that The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has the gym on lock.

“We got the gym on lock if your yellow come help upgrade it to a level 8 gym.”


For most people, visiting the pawn shop is an opportunity to meet, get a photo and an autograph from fan favorite Chumlee. Or perhaps, pay a visit to neighboring Pawn Plaza to get a glimpse of pawn shop owner and Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison behind the bar at his restaurant, Rollin’ Smoke Tavern and reminisce about The Who. The Beverlands had an experience that confirms that Pawn Stars is real. And real includes fun!

After reading about the Beverland’s visit to Pawn Stars, do you now think the History Channel show is real?

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@Sio_Valle | Chumlee Article: How Well Do You Know Chumlee?

Now that there are over 400 episodes of Pawn Stars with the entertaining Harrison family: Rick, the patriarch, Richard, the “Old Man” and son, Corey “Big Hoss.” Yet, it is Chumlee, Corey’s childhood friend, that is the overwhelming fan favorite. Giving his first interview in months, Chumlee recently sat with Big D at 93.1 The Party, in an upbeat and revealing conversation.

The Pawn Stars favorite recalls the funny way he first met Corey, what Corey, Rick, and the old man are really like, why he is selling his sneaker collection, where he is every afternoon, and what is the invitation that Chumlee will always accept. You may be surprised!

A lot of fans may not realize it, but Chumlee has been a pawn broker for over 10 years, starting to work in the pawn business at the end of 2003. Taking about his spaghetti days, the affable reality star explained that when he started out working for the Harrisons, Rick also owned a Quiznos near the court house. So, at one point, Chum worked at the Quiznos eight hours a day and then went over to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and worked another four hours before his day was done. On the weekends, Chumlee would work 10-hour days at the pawn shop. He did this non-stop for nearly five months. Looking back, Chumlee appreciates how much he worked then and how lucky he is now able to take more time off.

“I went 135 days without a day off before, so these days off now are really, really, really nice!”

A charismatic storyteller, Chumlee recalled the day that he and Corey met when they were 12 and 10 respectively. Chumlee’s sister had told him that there was a guy who was picking on her, which turned out to be “Big Hoss.” Chumlee went to take care of this and soon, the truth was revealed that Corey was picking on Chum’s neighbor. The two got into a little “scuffle,” but Chumlee says that Corey was quickly the winner because “he smothered me with all of his fat until I could not breath!”

“It’s not a lie, it’s not a lie!”

What does Chumlee really think of his Pawn Stars coworkers? What are Rick, Corey, and the old man really like and how do they all get along?

“Corey has a great heart. Rick has a great heart. The old man has a great heart. We all mix well together. Since I have known the family for so long, I guess I was the lucky one I got the fourth wheel on the show.”

Now with the shooting schedule on hiatus, this allows Chumlee to meet and greet fans for charity or just to say a few words, take a photo, and sign an autograph. You will even see Chumlee’s brother, who always accompanies him, and always takes the photos.
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Review Journal: Pawn Plaza Remains Work in Progress in Downtown Las Veags

The Kats! bureau at this writing is Rick’s Rollin’ Smoke Barbecue & Tavern at Pawn Plaza. This is the stack of restaurants in the multicolored strip mall of and shops on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of Gass Avenue, sharing a parking lot with Gold & Silver Pawn.

I just polished off an order of smoked mac and cheese, honey-slathered cornbread and an Arnold Palmer while taking inventory of what is and isn’t open at Pawn Plaza.

First, the quick story of this spot: Rick Harrison, who founded Gold & Silver Pawn in 1989 and has ascended to stardom on the History channel show “Pawn Stars,” opened Pawn Plaza in October. The idea was to filter the hordes of visitors to Gold & Silver Pawn to this Container Park-fashioned mall and build a business that would outlast the TV series. A bunch of independent businesses and small franchisees signed on to the project and awaited the tide of tourists.

Ten months on, we have an early verdict, and it’s that a poutine eatery next to a Vegas pawn shop is not quite a lead-pipe cinch. A few of the original businesses at Pawn Plaza have closed and moved out in the past week. Shutdowns (reported first by our friends at Las Vegas Advisor and confirmed Monday morning by the Pawn Plaza PR reps) include: Smoke’s Poutinerie, Pawn Coffee and Donut, Vegas Flip Flops and Inna Gadda di Pizza.

In a statement, Harrison said, “While we are disappointed to see some of our original tenants leave Pawn Plaza, it is the nature of this business. Tenants will shuffle around to some degree before we settle in with the perfect blend of businesses. We wish all of those departing the best of luck and look forward to announcing our new tenants very shortly.”

In a glass-half-full vein, Pawn Plaza reps mention many of the original Pawn Plaza businesses remain open: Rollin’ Smoke (obviously), Rockabilly Girl,Body Spa, So-Cal Speed Shop andPawn Plaza Vow Renewal and Weddings.

Crucial to the marketing draw of Pawn Plaza is Harrison’s role as bartender at Rollin’ Smoke Tavern on select weekends. At least one tenant has complained that Harrison has not followed through on some announced appearances, but his camp reminds that he does appear to sling drinks (and, likely, offer relationship advice) when he is in Vegas. A delayed flight for weather wiped out one announced appearance, but Harrison is back behind the bar this Friday and Saturday night starting at 8 p.m.

As always, Harrison’s specialty is any drink whose ingredients are same as the name — rum and Coke, vodka and soda, gin and lawn trimmings. Those, he can handle.

Just don’t ask for flip-flops.